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Program Objective

25% of worldwide coffee sales sustainable in 2016.

Key Sustainability Issues targeted

• Productivity & quality

• Access to finance

• Climate adaptation

• Involvement of women & youth

• Income diversification

• Livelihood of farmers

The Sustainable Coffee Program (SCP) targets mainstream up-scaling of sustainable coffee production and acts as a global convener of stakeholders (representing 30% of the global coffee demand). By supporting the creation of national sector strategies in focus countries and stimulating impact-oriented field-level projects, the SCP creates global synergies that bring sustainability in coffee to a mainstream level, creating scale advantages that will increase cost efficiency and impact.


Coffee sector in Vietnam

The SCP is chaired and co-financed by IDH and the 4 major coffee roasters Nestlé, Mondel─ôz International, D. E. Master Blender 1753, and Tchibo. It is supported by the European Coffee Federation (ECF), with an annual import volume of over 40 million bags. The SCP Steering Committee visited Vietnam in September 2012 and launched the program. The visit culminated in a meeting with H.E. Minister Dr. Cao Duc Phat.

The program is implemented in coordination with the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV). To support an effective enabling policy framework in the coffee sector, the SCP established cooperation with the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD) to develop an innovative National Strategy Action Plan for coffee, and to act as the SCP Institutional Coordinator.


Through collaboration with the SCP, the Minister of Agriculture and Rural development successfully launched the first ever public-private Coffee Coordination Board in Vietnam (VCCB) and is now in the process of approving a coffee National Sustainability Curriculum that forms the backbone of future sustainability activities and training.


Opening ceremony of the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board


Currently, projects either approved or in the pipeline are expected to train more than 20,000 coffee farmers, and many more will follow through projects that are currently being solicited.

For more information on the Coffee program, please see the IDH website. Recent activities of SCP Vietnam can be found in the February 2014 Newsletter (7 pages, 1.4 Mb).


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